Beth Chapman Takes Fight To Save Bail Industry to California

Immediate Release: January 25, 2016

Beth Chapman Takes Fight to Save Bail Industry to California

Oakland, California – In a bold move to protect the industry in which she has worked for over 30 years, Beth Chapman will appear on behalf of the California Bail Agents Association (CBAA) on January 26th in the Oakland Federal Court. The court will hear all motions pertaining to the suit filed by Washington DC attorney Phil Telfeyan which seeks to eliminate cash bail in the United States.

“It is the stated goal of Mr. Telfeyan and his group to remove cash bail from the United States,” said Maggie Kriens, vice-president of the CBAA.

Beth Chapman, star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and recently CMT’s “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” said, “We put our show on hold to fight these disastrous actions by those seeking to make it easier for the criminals to get out of jail and this is the first battle in a long war to ensure the bail industry continue as it has for over 200 years.”

This statement in reference to an announcement earlier this month that the bounty hunting duo, Duane “Dog” and Beth Chapman, were suspending their show temporarily to afford Beth time and ability to fight on behalf of all bail agents in the United States.

“I worked with the CBAA and encouraged and supported their effort to enlist as interveners in this case so that the industry can mount a significant challenge to this incredibly disastrous suit,” said Chapman. “The bail industry provides a service to the government and helps ensure the public’s safety. Removing the bail system would have a deleterious effect on the criminal justice system. It is imperative that our association, under strong leadership, fight every attempt by these social justice lackeys to remove cash bail when their only goal is to make it easier for the bad guys to get out of jail.”

Suits like this are typically unchallenged by the industry and the actions by Beth Chapman and the CBAA represent a bold new approach to preserve a vital industry which protects the public’s safety. Many across the country see value in the bail industry and efforts, both legally and legislatively, to remove the cash bail systems are being attempted throughout the United States. Recently, Indiana Judge David Chidester spoke out publicly against legislative efforts in that state to remove cash bail.

“The current Indiana bail system has worked for hundreds of years, and the changes proposed are dangerous and not well examined,” said Judge Chidester. “A cash bond guarantees appearance at future court hearings more than any other type of bail bond and certainly more than outright release. A cash bond is a financial investment in future appearance.”

Statements like this from a Judge nowhere near or connected to the California suit show that the actions by the CBAA and Beth Chapman are not only relevant but necessary to ensure criminals are held accountable and the public’s safety is of top concern.

“This suit is a direct assault on the constitution, our way of life, and our form of livelihood,” stated Chapman. “Everyone with a vested interest in protecting the bail system should join us in this fight. That includes the general public, who are most at risk when criminals are released without supervision and accountability. It also includes all of the criminal justice system which will be crippled by repeat offenders and a drastic increase in failure to appear rates”

CBAA, along with Chapman, will be holding an informational and planning meeting Tuesday January 26th at 10 am to prepare for the long legal battle. They encourage all bail agents to attend to show a united front against this dangerous legal challenge. Join the fight to protect their industry.

The meeting will be held at Buttercup Bar and Grill at 229 Broadway St. Oakland California.

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