‘Dog’ says new bounty hunter bill coming in Idaho

This year there was a near miss at the Legislature on regulations to cover bail enforcement agents, also known as bounty hunters.

The bill was killed following the lobbying efforts of a reality TV star, though he is advocating a bill that in some ways would be more strict.

Duane “Dog” Chapman says he wants to sit down with a local woman whose son was killed by a bounty hunter last year to write a bill requiring licensing and training.

“I think that the right thing to do is to bring her in,” said

Chapman, star of the A&E reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” opposed House Bill 508. It passed the House this year but died in the Senate after Chapman lobbied against it, because he thought specific regulations in the bill weren’t any good.

The bill would have required Idaho bounty hunters to get a concealed carry license, to carry a special badge-like metal plate issued by the state for bounty hunters and to wear special clothes identifying them as a “bail enforcement agents.”

When the bill died it was a great disappointment to Patricia Holt. She tried contacting her lawmakers, she said.

“They would not even respond to my calls,” she said.

Holt’s son, Philip Clay, was killed by Christopher Schulthies last year after jumping bond on an Ada County drug charge. Schulthies had no experience in bail enforcement prior to the day he shot Clay — the closest thing was working as a bouncer a handful of times at Las Pulgas nightclub.

Schulthies first hours on the job were spent attempting to apprehend Clay, a 58-year-old man diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia who was known to be armed.


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