Dog the Bounty Hunter shares his story with juvenile offenders

MANSFIELD – Dog the Bounty Hunter told the kids at the Richland County Juvenile Justice Center on Thursday afternoon that he was incarcerated at age 13.

The kids — many about that same age — seemed to be listening, sitting quietly in the detention center gymnasium, some in orange jumpsuits in the front row and yet others, serving probation and diversion.

“Thirteen years old and I went to this place called Juvenile Hall…I was in juvenile court 16 times. Anybody been in there that many?” he asked the crowd of young people.

A couple kids raised their hands, with one boy saying he’s been to the facility more than 16 times — more times than he can remember.

The reality  TV star — real name Duane Chapman — was in Mansfield to talk about recovery, but he made time to visit with the young people, free of charge.


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