Dog the Bounty Hunter talks recovery at the Ren

MANSFIELD — He didn’t make it in time to catch Shawn Christy, but Dog the Bounty Hunter was still determined to make his mark on Mansfield.

Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, spoke at the Renaissance Theatre on Friday evening, sharing his story of recovery and redemption.

“They’re real people,” said Scott Frankel, CEO of Treatment Partners of America. “What you see is what you get. They’ve been there. They get it. They live it every day.”

After struggling with addiction in his teens and early 20s, Chapman got clean and became a bounty hunter. Chapman and his wife, Beth, gained celebrity status thanks to their reality television show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. The program ran on A&E for eight seasons.

The professional bounty hunter and reality TV icon saying he’s dedicating the next chapter his life to helping those in recovery.

“I saw how the TV show was touching people, so eye-to-eye is even better,” he said. “I try to lead by example. If I can take this on the road, that is going to inspire them.”

The Chapmans became famous not only for their knack for hunting down criminals, but their compassion. In each episode, Chapman would sit in the backseat with those he arrested and try to convince them to change.


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